About Danny King

Danny King is a police officer for a 480-man agency in the Las Vegas area. Since 1998 he has worked as a Patrol Officer, K9 Handler (Patrol, Narcotics, SWAT), Problem Solving/Street Crimes Detective, In-Service Training Officer and Force Investigator.

Before returning to patrol in 2018, he specialized in the Use of Force Training and Analysis Unit of his agency where he has been responsible for conducting investigations into Officer Involved Shootings, Uses of Force, and Critical Incidents. The reviews focus on the facts, legal aspects, tactics, policies, training and lessons learned from the incident. These findings are used to better the officer, department and training. Danny was one of two officers responsible for evaluating hundreds of use of force incidents a year.

Danny is a Use of Force, Instructor Development, Excited Delirium, Less Lethal Impact Munitions and Master Taser Instructor. He is also a firearms trainer for his department. Danny is Force Science Analyst, Advanced Force Science Specialist and Certified Litigation Specialist in Police Use of Force.

He has twice been awarded his agencies Medal of Valor,  was the Nevada VFW Officer of the Year for 2000, and his agencies Special Unit Officer for 2014. Prior to becoming a police officer, Danny was in the US Army for 5 years as a Combat and Flight Medic.

Danny is a member of the Society for the Integrity of Force Investigations and Reporting (SIFIR) and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).

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